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Opening the washing machine lid or door after the end of the wash cycle and discovering your clothes are still submerged underwater can dampen your spirits. Before you invest in a vintage hand-cranked laundry wringer to squeeze out that water, you should troubleshoot the likely causes of the washer failing to drain or spin (hint: the two can be related). The solution to the problem can be quite simple, and the appliance replacement part you need can be relatively inexpensive and easy to install. The reasons a washer will fail to drain, or spin, will differ depending on whether you own a top-load model or a front-load model. 

Whether you need to replace a damaged pump or hose for the washer to drain properly, or you need a new stator or belt to keep the tub spinning, Repair Clinic stocks original manufacturer parts that match the most popular top-load and front-load washer models, including those built by Whirlpool, LGSamsungHotpointMaytagGEKenmoreAmanaBosch, and Frigidaire, the website is an excellent resource for acquiring a replacement washer belt. Importantly, you will need to identify the exact belt that fits your particular washing machine. To do this, enter the full model number of the appliance in the Repair Clinic website search bar. You can then select “Belt” from the “Part Category” filter and the specific kind of belt you need using the “Part Title” filter (if more than one is available). By using the full model number for your search, you’ll be able to locate the right belt for your washer, along with every other matching part, including pumpsagitatorslid switcheswater inlet valvesdrive motors, and much more.

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