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Door strike/catch for front-loading washing machine. The washer door must be latched shut in order for the washer to start. If the door strike is damaged or defective, the washer door won't latch, and the washer will not be able to start.

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Washing machine shock absorber kit. The shock absorbers dampen the vibration of the washer tub. If one or more of the shock absorbers are worn out, the washer will vibrate or shake.

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Washing machine drain pump. On some models you will need to configure the replacement pump to match the old pumps outlet port direction and reuse the old mounting bracket. If the washer does not drain then the drain pump may be clogged, damaged, or defective.

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Washer door boot gasket. The door boot can tear if the washer is overloaded.

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Knob for selector switches on washing machines and dryers. Fits onto a D-shaped shaft. Includes shaft spring to hold knob in place.

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Washer drive belt. If this belt is broken, the washer will not spin or agitate.

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Washing machine door boot. If the washer is leaking, the door boot may have a tear in it. Overloading the washer is the most common cause for a torn door boot.

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Washer door strike. If the washing machine won't start, inpsect the actuator for damage. If the actuator is damaged the door will not latch properly and the washer will not turn on.


Quality Frigidaire Washing Machine Parts From Repair Clinic

Frigidaire washing machines don’t always run like they should -- but you are in the right place for when things go wrong.  RepairClinic has all the answers for whatever ails your washing machine.  For front-loaders or top-loaders in any Frigidaire model, including the popular Affinity or Gallery series, we can help you locate the problem with your machine and help you find a solution. The door not shutting properly, or the timer knob is cracked and needs to be replaced? Need to stop that annoying washer from shaking your floor?  We've got a solution for all of these issues and more.  Find all the parts you need in stock at RepairClinic and learn a thing or two about appliance repair while you’re at it.