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Washer tub dampening strap. If the washing machine tub is off-balance, then one or more of these straps may have broken.

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Washer or dryer selector switch knob with clip in white.

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Washing machine main tub seal. If the washer leaks around the center shaft then the main tub seal is likely defective.

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Washing machine corrugated drain hose, 4-1/2 feet. If the drain hose is cracked, it will leak water during the washer's drain cycle.

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Washing machine drain pump assembly. The drain pump pushes water through the drain hose during the drain cycle. If the drain pump is clogged, damaged, or defective, the washer won't drain properly.

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Washing machine agitator drive bell (also called the coupler). The drive bell connects the transmission drive shaft to the agitator base.

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Washing machine drive belt - Lengh is 29 1/2 Inches x 1/2 inch. V shaped.

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Washer water inlet valve. If the washer does not fill or fills slowly then the water inlet valve may be defective. We do not recommend taking apart water valves to clean them as the risk of failure and water leaking is increased

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Hub nut for top-load washer. If this nut is stripped or damaged, the washer may be noisy.

Nut size is 1 11/16"

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Dryer motor kit. Replaces old "T" & "V" style motors. Includes 2 motor pulleys and basic directions. Common symptoms of a bad drive motor are:
-Dryer stops turning during cycle
-Dryer won't start
-Dryer won't turn at al

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Knob clip, also called an insert. If the clip is missing from the knob check on the control stem.


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