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Drive Clutch Kit. This kit has 6 parts; a spring, housing, cam ring, basket drive gear, pulley, and nut. The pulley is driven by the drive belt and the splutch works with the mode shift actuator to operate the washplate and spin the inner basket. A worn splutch can cause spin or washplate problems.

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Washing machine clutch assembly with hardware. *Blue spring for regular, large, extra and super capacity washers, black for compact models. A worn clutch often causes a slower spin speed which leaves the clothes soaked after the cycle.

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Washing machine mode shift actuator. *Updated by the manufacturer, does not look like original part. Actuator serves several functions. It has a synchronous motor that shifts the splutch cam ring and monitors the position of the splutch. Also has transmission speed/position optical sensor

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Transmission (gearbox) for direct-drive washing machines. If the gears inside the transmission are worn out, the washer may not spin.

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Clutch and tub bearing assembly for top-loading washing machine. The clutch assembly makes the connection between the transmission and the inner washer tub. It helps the tub gradually reach the proper spin speed. If the clutch is worn out, it may prevent the tub from spinning.


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