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Washing machine agitator directional cogs. These parts are also referred to as "dog ears." 4 per package. If the upper section of the agitator isn't turning properly, then these cogs are likely worn and will require replacement.

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Washing machine agitator repair kit with a medium length cam (there are other kits available for different models). This kit should be used when the top part of the agitator is not moving properly but the bottom part is.

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Washing machine pulsator assembly (or wash plate) with screw.

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Washing Machine agitator repair kit. Includes short cam. The teeth on the dog ears often wear out and cause the top of the agitator not to work properly.

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Washing machine agitator assembly. If the washer does not agitate, the agitator might be damaged or stripped away at the point where it connects to the drive system.

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Washing Machine Agitator repair kit with reversing dog ears and, long cam, and retainer. If the upper section of the agitator does not work then the cam and dog ears are likely worn and require replacement.

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Agitator inner cap and seal. Helps keep water, fabric softener from going thru the agitator. Fabric softner dispenses from the holes in the agitator, just above the cap.

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Washer drive block for inner tub. A worn drive block may cause the washer to spin slowly, causing the clothes to be soaked at the end of the cycle. The washer may also make a loud knocking noise at the beginning of the spin cycle.


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