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Range knob kit in stainless steel. Five regular knobs are included in the kit. No longer includes a super broil knob in kit.


Large burner control knob, stainless steel, super boil burner.


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You turned one of the knobs on your LG range and now that knob has cracked, fallen onto the floor and rolled into some faraway land with its brother and sister knobs from previous accidents. You can either take the time to form a search party to look for it or simply let RepairClinic supply you with LG gas stove replacement knobs. We suggest the latter of the two choices. Our selection of LG burner knobs come in attractive finishes such as white, black and stainless steel. We also offer same day shipping and a 365-day return policy. Make life easier and just let us ship additional LG knobs to you. And of course, when your new knobs arrive, you’ll find the ones that rolled away. It’s the "law of lost knobs.”

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