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Washer or dryer selector switch knob with clip in white.

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Surface burner control knob, silver finish, for D shaped shaft. *Kit contains 5 knobs


Quality GE Range/Stove/Oven Knob, Dial & Button Parts From Repair Clinic

Have you ever reached for the knob to turn off the oven before your cookies are burnt and the plastic knob breaks off in your hand? Before you toss those cookies and throw your hands up in despair, look to RepairClinic for all your stove cosmetic replacement parts. We not only carry parts from novice to expert repairs, but carry parts to replace knobs, grates, handles, drip bowls, and oven racks too. Every knob doesn’t fit every stove, so to make sure you have the correct part for your GE oven, enter the model number to ensure you get the exact match. Stainless steel, white, silver, and black, range knobs are available for every GE model including Profile and Monogram. Don’t fret, let us bear the brunt of stocking the right range knobs, you get back to baking those cookies.

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