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Microwave incandescent light bulb, 40 Watt. Comes with small screw in base. If the light bulb threads are corroded, or the bulb base is too large, the socket may also need to be replaced.

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Chrome drip bowl (also called a drip pan) for 8 inch burner on an electric range. The drip pan sits underneath the heating element to collect drips or spills around the burner.

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Chrome drip bowl (also called a drip pan) for 6 inch burner on an electric range. The drip pan sits underneath the heating element to collect drips or spills around the burner.

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25 watt light-bulb for various appliances, 120 volts, small base screw-in. Bulb has been updated and you may need the recommended socket to install this light bulb.

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8-inch diameter plug-in surface heating element with looped terminal ends. 5 turn. 2600 Watt. If your surface element won't heat, either the surface element or the surface element switch may be defective. To determine if the surface element is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity.

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Stove top receptacle kit for electric stove surface elements. If the heating element operates intermittently then this terminal block or the elements terminals are likely corroded and both may need to be replaced.

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Surface coil element replacement kit, 2 eight inch elements, 2 six inch elements, four receptacles and related hardware. If the terminal blocks and surface elements on your stove top are in bad shape this is the perfect kit to refresh the appliance.

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Oven bake heating element with push on wire terminals. It is not unusual for a heating element to short in one spot and arc. If this occurs, shut off the power to the range until the element has been replaced.

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Porcelain broiler pan set, aluminum grid allows juices to flow off food into the porcelain pan below, measures 1-1/2" x 12-3/4" x 16-3/4"

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Burner drip bowl for 6 inch electric coil burner. Dishwasher safe.

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Razor blade scraper tool. The scraper assists in removing burned-on food from glass and ceramic cooktops. It’s great for cleaning hard- to-remove stains without scratching ceramic and glass cooktops.


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