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Self-tapping screw. 5/16-18 UNC X 1,25 '' Flanged external hex head.


Window side curtain and frame kit. Includes both the right & left side curtains a foam seal and hardware.

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Aluminum exterior grille, 25-3/4 X 15-1/2 inches

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Stove top coil surface heating element, 8 inch. If the element does not heat either it or the control switch is defective. The coil can be tested to determine if it is at fault.

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Genteq Run Capacitor 370 Volt Oval Single 7.5 MFD

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Lennox contactor for 1.5-3 ton spst 25fla/35res


Quality Air Conditioner Parts From Repair Clinic

Air conditioners turn hot air cool and muggy air dry. They’re lifesavers until the air compressor doesn’t run or the coils freeze, and suddenly you feel sweat beading on your forehead. That’s when panic sets in. You need a good night’s sleep! You can’t go to work wearing soggy, wrinkled clothes! It may seem like an impossible problem, but you might just be able to fix this thing yourself using our air conditioner repair help. And that might just save you some money. And some sleepless nights.

Nowadays, the only thing that can threaten your comfort is a broken AC unit. When that day comes, Repair Clinic is here to help. We offer all types of air conditioner parts. Whether you need central air conditioner parts or window AC unit parts, we have all the parts you need. Our air conditioner parts selection is second-to-none. We carry AC parts for all the major brands including Amana, Samsung, Frigidaire, GECarrierLGRheemBryant and more.

The window air conditioner offers an efficient, convenient means to cool a room or two in your home. Properly maintaining your air conditioner will improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and prevent costly repairs and downtime. Before performing any maintenance or repair work, be sure to review your air conditioner’s owner’s manual for instructions.

A properly-sized air conditioner unit will maximize energy efficiency, remove humidity in the air and ensure your space is cool and comfortable throughout the season. An undersized air conditioner will have to work harder, waste energy and cost you more money. Conversely, an oversized unit will cycle too quickly and may not run long enough to remove humidity in the air. Using an air conditioner costs money and use a lot of energy to keep your home and your family comfortable. Give your air conditioner a simple tune up to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and prevent costly repairs and a mid-summer meltdown.

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