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If you own a Magic Chef air conditioning unit and need an AC capacitor replacement, you've come to the right website. At RepairClinic, we stock original and genuine capacitors for Magic Chef air conditioners. You can find three types of AC capacitors online: Run AC capacitors, Dual Run Capacitors, and Start Capacitors. Enter your model number into our parts finder, and you’ll see the exact capacitor that fits with your AC Unit on sale at low prices. Without a capacitor, you air conditioning unit will not function properly, if at all. It certainly will not cool the space that you need it to. If your air conditionerer is humming or acting like it is running but the fan is not spinning, you may have a capacitor problem.

Repair Clinic maintains a comprehensive AC repair help library with numerous videos and articles specifically about Magic Chef AC capacitors. You can learn how to test a capacitor to determine if it’s gone bad, how a faulty capacitor casing will often bulge and leak, and how to safely disassemble your Magic Chef Air Conditioner to replace the capacitor. With some help from Repair Clinic, you’ll have your air conditionerer repaired and humming before the next heat wave hits.

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