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Portable air conditioner exhaust vent kit. The kit includes all the needed items to exhaust the warm air created during the refrigeration process to the outside of the home.


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Portable air conditioners need to be vented out of a window so that the hot air can be vented out the room. They work by moving heat from the room and must vent to cool and will not work without an exhaust vent. The easiest way to vent a portable room air conditioner is through the window, which can be done with a window vent exhaust kit. Exhaust hose lengths may vary by model but usually are 4-7 feet in length with the diameter of the hose being 5”. Some smaller units may be vented out of a dryer vent, but require that you convert the exterior opening from a flap to a screen since the compressor on a portable air conditioner is not strong enough to push open the dryer flaps.