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Husqvarna fuel filter. If the fuel filter is clogged, it will restrict the flow of fuel to the carburetor. As a result, the engine may not start.

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Power away-the right way. Affresh® Dishwasher Cleaner is specially formulated to help remove limescale and mineral build-up that can be unsightly and could affect your dishwasher's performance. Pouch contains 6 tablets.


Black stopper & splash guard. Easy to replace. Pull out to remove press in to install.

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Lawn Mower Flange Bushing. Also called a bearing.


Garbage disposer drain pipe gasket. This gasket mounts between drain pipe and disposer housing.

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Disposer splash guard. This splash guard seals the disposer to the mounting flange.


Affresh® Disposal Cleaner 3 tablets. Specially formulated to clean and remove odor causing residues with a powerful foaming action.


Quality Garbage Disposer Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic

Garbage disposers (or disposals) are designed to grind solid food waste into particles small enough to be washed down the drain. To do this, the unit is installed between the kitchen sink drain and the drainpipe which sends water and debris to the outside of the home.

Standard disposers are usually hard-wired to a wall switch near the sink whereas “batch feed” disposers have a start switch that is activated by a stopper attached to the top of the unit. When the switch is actuated, 120 volts of alternating current flows to the disposer motor. The motor rotates a grinding or shredder, plate to break down the food waste. A steady stream of cold water should be running through the disposer for this process to work effectively. Disposers use a splash guard attached to the top of the unit or positioned in the sink drain opening to prevent water from being slung upwards during operation.

Whether you prefer the term “disposer” or “disposal”, Repair Clinic carries all the appliance parts you need to fix or maintain the unit, from splash guards and flange gaskets to stoppers, start switches, safety switches, and shredder plates. Just type the full model number of the appliance in the Repair Clinic website search bar to see a complete list of compatible parts. You can then use the part category and part title filters to narrow that list down to the specific part you need. While Repair Clinic stocks garbage disposer parts for all the top brands including KenmoreFrigidaireGEWhirlpoolInsinkeratorSinkmaster, Moen, Waste King, and Whirlaway, it’s important you select the part that is a direct match with your model.

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