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Self-tapping screw. 5/16-18 UNC X 1,25 '' Flanged external hex head.


Lawn mower wheel assembly Honda part #42710-VE2-M01ZA


Primer bulb. The primer bulb draws fuel into the carburetor to make the engine easier to start.


Husqvarna fuel filter. If the fuel filter is clogged, it will restrict the flow of fuel to the carburetor. As a result, the engine may not start.


Shear pin. Shear pins are designed to break in half if the auger strikes a hard object to prevent damage to the transmission and engine. If the shear pin is broken, the auger won’t be able to turn.The retaining clip is not included—you must purchase it separately to complete the assembly.


Lawn mower blade spindle assembly. *4 Self tapping screws needed. Mounting holes are not threaded see Part Replacement video for thread tapping info.


Honda air cleaner (or air filter). If the air filter is clogged or dirty, the engine may not start or may run rough.


NGK spark plug. The spark plug ignites the fuel and air mixture in the cylinder to power the engine. If the spark plug is burnt, fouled or damaged the engine may not start or may run rough.


Briggs & Stratton Original Equipment 491588S Air Filter. Briggs & Stratton genuine parts are specially designed to exact OEM standards, manufactured and tested to help deliver optimum performance in Briggs & Stratton engines.


Genuine Husqvarna 532134149 Mulching Blade For A 42" Deck. 5 star mounting hole. Sold Individually.


Lawn mower pinion gear. 12 tooth. Engages the drive wheel, also center cam allows the mower to be pulled backwards


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Your lawn mower is a crucial piece of outdoor equipment. Like proper lawn maintenance, maintaining your lawn mower and fixing problems is important for every lawn mower owner. Installing necessary lawn mower parts to fix common issues is essential for maximizing your power efficiency, reducing emissions, preventing more costly future repairs and extending your mower's life. 

Repair Clinic is an OEM online lawn mower parts store and wholesaler, stocking thousands of parts for 30 major leading brands – from Honda and Bolens lawn mower parts to Toro and Craftsman lawn mower parts and every brand in between.

Whether you're looking for a specific spark plug compatible with your fuel tank and engine, you can find lawn mower parts online here. Don't settle for anything less. Shop OEM lawn mower parts at Repair Clinic today.

Take the Hassle Out of Finding Model-Specific Lawn Mower Parts

Our online lawn mower parts store is fully stocked with thousands of parts for tons of lawn mower makes and models. We've made it easier to find lawn mower replacement parts directly associated with your equipment.

As an example, let's say you were looking for Echo lawn mower parts. All you have to do is use the parts lookup tool at the top of the page and enter your model number to be directed to an Echo lawn mower parts list. To find your model number, you'll need to check your equipment thoroughly. However, be aware that all lawn mowers have two model numbers: one for your engine, and one for the mower itself.

If you need lawn mower replacement parts for your engine, the model number is often engraved directly into the engine's metal, although you may also find it on a label somewhere on the engine body. If you need lawn mower parts not related to the engine, you can find the model number in several locations depending on what type of mower you own.

For walk-behind mowers, the model number will often be located on the deck behind the engine, on either side or the back underneath the rear guard. For riding mowers, the model number may be found under the seat, on either side of the frame, near the engine, near the seat or under the footplate.

We Have the Resources You Need to Install Your Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

Repair Clinic is more than a place to buy lawn mower parts online – we're a one-stop shop full of extensive, free resources to ensure your installation is a success. Once your lawn mower replacement parts arrive on your doorstep, you'll need to put your DIY knowledge to the test. But if lawn mower repair isn't in your repertoire, don't worry. Our lawn mower content library is packed with diagrams, schematics and other forms of lawn mower repair help to support your installation from start to finish. Once everything is installed, go the extra mile to cover your bases with our lawn mower part testing guides to determine if your parts are installed correctly. 

Additionally, you can always find a solution to your lawn mower problems in our lawn mower troubleshooting section, or by contacting our customer service team. Our lawn mower replacement parts specialists are always available to help.

Learn How to Install Lawn Mower Parts From the Repair Clinic Experts

Are you a visual learner? Repair Clinic makes it easy to save time and money with DIY lawn mower parts installation videos to help make the process easier for you. We built our company on the idea that anyone, anywhere, should be able to repair their household equipment themselves. Some people need some step-by-step help – and we're happy to give it. Browse the entire collection, and find in-depth videos explaining how to install and test your lawn mower replacement parts today.

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For over a century, we've made it our mission to make repairs simpler for DIYers worldwide. When you need lawn mower parts, look to Repair Clinic – your trusted lawn mower parts online wholesaler. With 24/7 customer service, same-day shipping nationwide and a massive library of repair resources, Repair Clinic is here for you every step of the way. The last thing you want to deal with is an ineffective lawn mower. Shop our online lawn mower parts store today.

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Maintenance Tip for Your Lawn Mower

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Engine Won't Start? Ignition Coil Testing, Troubleshooting

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