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Champion Spark Plug (RC12YC). The spark plug ignites the fuel and air mixture in the cylinder to power the engine. If the spark plug is burnt, fouled or damaged the engine may not start or may run rough.

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Lock nut with nylon insert.

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Carburetor repair kit. If the carburetor is clogged, the engine won't get enough fuel. As a result, the engine may not start or may run poorly.

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Lawn mower flywheel key (woodruff key). The flywheel key aligns the flywheel in the correct position on the crankshaft. If the engine stops suddenly due to hitting a hard object, the flywheel key shears in half to prevent damage to the engine. If the flywheel key is broken, the engine won't start.

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Nylon insert locking nut. Used as part of the shear bolt assembly, as well as other locations within the equipment.


Quality Exmark Lawn Mower Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic

Those who are serious about lawn maintenance know all about the Exmark advantage. Exmark walk behind mowers, riding mowers, and zero-turn mowers have deeper decks and smoother controls to cut grass down to size quickly and efficiently. Repair Clinic can help you maintain your Exmark equipment by stocking the replacement parts you need to tune-up the engine or repair the mower itself. Just type the full model number of your Exmark mower, or the mower’s engine, into our website’s search bar for a complete list of compatible parts, including spark plugs, carburetor repair kits, linkages, fuel shut-off solenoids, high-lift blades, cogged belts, grass chutes, and spindle assemblies. You can then use the part category and part title filters to refine that list to identify the specific part you need. If you’re having any difficulty locating the right part for your mower, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team for some one-on-one assistance - 1-800-269-2609.

Thousands of instructional videos, articles, and model-specific schematics; that’s the content of Repair Clinic’s DIY repair help library. With a few clicks you’ll learn how easy it can be to diagnose your equipment’s problem and fix it yourself. With a little help from Repair Clinic, you’ll soon have your lawn mower repaired, along with your leaf blower, string trimmer, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, central air condensing unit…