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Flange and mounting hardware for EZ mount continuous feed


Flange stopper for EZ mount batch feed


Flange, stopper, splash guard, and mounting hardware for the three bolt continuous feed.


Power cord kit with strain relief, 120 volts


Quality Whirlaway Garbage Disposer Parts From Repair Clinic

If you have a Whirlaway garbage disposer installed in your kitchen, you probably appreciate how its compact size gives you more storage room under the sink without sacrificing the grinding power of larger models. To keep your garbage disposal operating in peak condition, you can turn to Repair Clinic and our inventory of disposer replacement parts. From splash guards and stoppers, to flange assemblies, gaskets, mounting hardware, and replacement power cords, we have the specific parts that will fit your Whirlaway disposal, including the 291 one-half horsepower model. Enter the full model number of your garbage disposer in our website’s search bar to find all the parts that match your disposal. If you have any difficulty locating the part you’re looking for, please call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609; they’ll happily assist you in finding the part you need and guide you through the purchase.

Repair Clinic believes that everyone can be a do-it-yourselfer, and that includes fixing your own garbage disposer. Check out some of our extensive repair help content to learn how to troubleshoot the problem you may be having with your disposal and what part or parts you may need to fix it.