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Refrigerator icemaker. This item does not include a new shut off arm. To remove the existing shut off arm from the old icemaker, lift it to the up position, unhook it from the fill cup bearing, and pull it out of the module.

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Compressor run capacitor, 120 volts 15 mfd.

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Refrigerator add-on icemaker kit with 4 wire harness and connector for freezer. This kit includes the icemaker, ice bin, inlet valve, fill tube, and hardware. *For 4 wire 8 terminal IM see Recommended Parts.

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Refrigerator defrost timer kit. This timer is designed for continuous or cumulative run defrost systems. Turn the dial on the timer clockwise to advance it into and out of defrost.

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Refrigerator glass crisper cover. The part measures 23.82" x 15.50".

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Evaporator (cooling coil) fan motor assembly with wire harness, 115 volts. *Per manufacturer screw holes in motor are not threaded from the factory, use old screws. See Related Items for self tapping screw. When the evaporator fan motor fails, it often generates a lot of noise in the freezer area.

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Refrigerator/freezer defrost thermostat located on the evaporator coil

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Freezer door gasket. If this gasket is worn out, cold air will leak out of the freezer, forcing the freezer to work harder to cool down. As a result, the freezer may run longer than it should, or frost may accumulate inside of the freezer.

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Refrigerator icemaker kit, The kit includes the fill cup, 4 pin wire harness adapter, and tube. If the icemaker is not working, make sure the freezer temperature is around zero degrees Fahrenheit. If the refrigerator temperature is correct, the icemaker or water valve could be defective.

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Affresh® Stainless Steel Spray is designed to gently clean fingerprints, smudges and other residues on all stainless-steel surfaces including refrigerators, range hoods, ovens, dishwashers, and microwaves for a streak-free shine. 12 ounce spray.

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Appliance light bulbs (2 pack).

-40 Watts


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