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    Quality Freezer Parts From Repair Clinic

    It’s easy to panic when you realize something’s wrong with your freezer. All that food, on the verge of going bad. No way can you rescue it all by making one big, crazy meal out of it. Right now, you may have to be creative—mac-and-cheese burger, anyone?’ but you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you figure out the problem and fix it yourself. We’ll give troubleshooting tips, provide part-testing and repair videos, and get you the replacement part you need, right away. Let us help you fix your freezer while saving you money, time, and unnecessary stress.

    What you want: a freezer filled with frozen food. What you don’t want: the freezer is not freezing, running all the time, or making a weird clicking sound. Sometimes, our freezers let us down. That’s where we come in. We help you diagnose the cause, so you know precisely why your freezer is misbehaving, and then we help you fix it. It’s that simple. We have the correct replacement part ready and videos to show you how to test parts and repair them. We get to help you, and you get to save money and feel good about taking care of the problem yourself. Win-win.

    Replacing and maintaining the parts of your freezer will give it a longer run life and save money on having to replace a while freezer.

    Once you’ve determined that it’s a defective heater, thermostat, timer, or control board that has caused your freezer system to fail, you’ll need to find the specific part that matches your model. That’s where Repair Clinic can help. Enter the full model number of the refrigerator in the Repair Clinic website search bar for a complete list of compatible parts. Use the "Part Category" filter ("Heating Element") and "Part Title" filter ("Defrost Heater Assembly") to narrow the list down to ID the exact part that fits your fridge. While Repair Clinic stocks parts for all the top brands in refrigeration, including WhirlpoolGEKenmoreLGSamsungFrigidaire, and Amana, entering the full model number of your refrigerator will ensure you find the right matching part.

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