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Furnace flame sensor. The flame sensor monitors the burner to detect whether or not a flame is present. If the flame sensor is defective, the furnace may not heat.


Draft inducer motor replacement. If mounted horizontally, related items are needed for replacement motor.


Run capacitor, round 440 volt 45/5 uF


Contactor, 2 pole, 25 amp, 24 vac **Special Note** This may replace single pole contactor and require a technican to install (based on model #)


Pressure switch -.6" WC SPST 1/4" barb connection


Quality Amana Furnace Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic

Amana furnaces are insulated to dampen excess vibration and noise. But what makes them exceptionally quiet is the same thing that makes them highly efficient: modulating variable-speed technology. This allows the furnace to adjust the blower speed up or down, providing more consistent temperatures than furnaces that simply switch on-and-off. To properly maintain your Amana furnace, you’re going to want to use genuine Amana parts and that’s where Repair Clinic takes charge. We stock all the top furnace replacement parts you need, whether it’s a flame sensor, igniter, limit switch, gas valve, or draft inducer fan motor. We even carry the little things like screws to keep the access panels intact, or gaskets and O-rings to keep everything sealed properly.But there’s more to the Repair Clinic story. We have a huge library of free repair help, from schematics to "how-to" videos, that will make it easy for you to install these parts yourself. Repair Clinic is here to keep you warm and to save you money! Just be sure to enter the full model number of your furnace in our website’s search bar to find the specific replacement part you want. If you need additional help finding the right part, you can always call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609.

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