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Have you ever wanted to know which component of your furnace regulates the power supply? The control board, or circuit board, serves an essential purpose in your furnace, and it may need to be replaced if it malfunctions and causes your furnace blower to run all the time or your furnace to be loud. There are also other signs that your control board may need replacement, such as your furnace stopping on its own, your furnace blower never turning on, or a smell of burnt electronics. No matter the reason, Repair Clinic carries a wide selection of GrandAire furnace control boards to keep your furnace in working order. Visit our GrandAire furnace repair help page to troubleshoot your furnace's issue and find the appropriate replacement parts that you'll need for the repair.

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If your GrandAire furnace requires a new circuit board, you can discover the perfect fit for your furnace in our extensive online catalog of high-quality control boards. You can also use our online model number search to find troubleshooting help, installation instructions, and replacement part suggestions for your furnace model. Are you looking for furnace parts nearby? If you order now from our massive replacement parts collection, your item will be delivered today thanks to our same-day shipping promise.

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