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Refrigerator defrost heater and bracket assembly.

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Refrigerator defrost heater kit. This dual heater kit replaces single style heaters. If the refrigerators evaporator coils do not automatically defrost then this heater may be defective.

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Defrost heater set with wires, includes (2) nine inch heaters. If old heater kit is 12 inches long, please see related item instead.

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Refrigerator defrost heater kit with thermostat for side by side models. If the freezer is cold, but the refrigerator is warm you could have a problem with the defrost system. If so, the defrost coils will be iced over and this heater kit may be defective.

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Refrigerator defrost heater and thermostat kit. If the refrigerator won’t defrost, the refrigerator section may not cool properly. The heater and thermostat can be tested to determine if either part has failed. If not, the defrost control is likely defective.


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