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Valve, temperature/pressure relief, hot water heater

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Temperature and pressure relief valve

Quality Water Heater Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic

Similar to a furnace, water heaters with gas burners will generate harmful fumes containing carbon monoxide, a byproduct of the fuel used to ignite the burner to heat the water in the tank, whether that fuel is natural gas, oil, or propane. Just like with your furnace, you need to have proper venting to exhaust the water heater’s toxic fumes to the outside of the home to keep you and your family safe.

From power vent fan motors and pressure switches to burner assemblies and anode rods, Repair Clinic carries the specific replacement parts that fit your water heater model, including those manufactured by RheemA.O. SmithBradford White, Richmond, or Whirlpool. Type the full model number of your water heater into the Repair Clinic website search bar for a complete list of parts compatible with your unit. You can also explore Repair Clinic’s DIY content library to watch videos and read articles concerning common problems affecting water heaters, how to test certain components, and how to install new parts.

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