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Refrigerator light switch. This switch activates the refrigerator light when the door is open. It also prevents the dispenser from working if the door is open.

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If the air filter is clogged or dirty, the engine may not start or may run rough.

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Refrigerator run capacitor 12 uF. If this run capacitor is defective, the refrigerator will not run.

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Fuel tank assembly. This part includes a new tank, fuel line, fuel filter, and cap.

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Homelite compression spring. Pushes bump knob back out after string is released.

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Refrigerator compressor start relay. If the refrigerator does not cool at all, the compressor may not be running. If it’s not running then the start relay may be defective.

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String trimmer bump knob (or spool retainer) with left-hand threads. Color: red.

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Refrigerant system filter/drier with service port

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Homelite rewind spring (recoil spring) and container. If the rewind spring is broken, the starter rope won't retract.


Quality Haier Refrigerator Parts From Repair Clinic

You expect your fridge to keep things cool. Haier makes sure it looks cool while doing it. To keep your Haier refrigerator looking (and running) its best, Repair Clinic stocks all the replacement parts you need, from simple items like door handles or thermostat knobs, to door switches, start relays, temperature control thermostats, and capacitors. Over time, the door gasket can wear out, allowing warm air to enter the refrigerator or freezer compartment. When that happens, Repair Clinic has the right new gasket to match your Haier model. If a broken shelf or damaged evaporator door has diminished your refrigerator’s coolness, we’ll set you up with a replacement part that will match your model seamlessly.

But a new part won’t help you if you’re not sure how to install it. That’s why Repair Clinic has an unmatched library of free repair help, from schematics to "how-to" videos, to guide you through even the most difficult repairs. And that’s a very cool way to save some money! Just enter the full model number of your Haier refrigerator in our website’s search bar to find the specific replacement part you want. If you need additional help finding the right part, you can always call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609.

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