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Replacement compressor. Software updated required. Please see related item#4931193

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Refrigerator compressor start relay. If the refrigerator does not cool at all, the compressor may not be running. If it’s not running then the start relay may be defective.


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We know what you’re thinking. "Oh no! It’s time to replace my LG refrigerator compressor and sealed system parts. Can I do it myself and save some cash?” Yes you can and is here to help! While an LG refrigerator compressor replacement can get pricey, a DIY repair can cut those costs. We’ve got a large selection of quality LG compressor parts, including an LG refrigerator compressor and an LG refrigerator compressor assembly. Regardless of the replacement part you need, rest assured it’s a quality OEM part, backed by our 365-Day Return Policy. also offers specifications, photos and instructional videos along with a help from an excellent Customer Service Team to ensure an efficient DIY repair. So don’t worry! The repair of your LG refrigerator compressor and everything else will not only go well but also save you some hard-earned cash.

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