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Refrigerator drawer cover assembly. The cover has the Optibin Crisper and humidity control with clear plastic window.

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Front cover for refrigerator drawer (also called the tray cover assembly).

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Refrigerator drawer rail guide assembly. Can be used on right-hand or left-hand side of drawer.

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Roller assembly for refrigerator crisper drawer. Sold individually.


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An LG refrigerator is a great thing. But it’s not like poetry or music in the sense that it’s not more than the sum of its own LG refrigerator parts. Conversely, your LG fridge is only as good as the performance of the LG fridge parts that makes it a fridge. This is not a matter of philosophical debate but a matter of mechanical reality. If your LG refrigerator drawer is broken, what you now own is simply the idea of what your fridge used to be. And THAT is a philosophical notion. An actual LG refrigerator crisper drawer replacement, however, is a real action. And it’s an action that can be performed by you because it’s just a drawer and you can just put it in. We have same day shipping, and a 365-day return policy. Now take action and order it!

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