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High limit thermostat for refrigerator or freezer defrost heater, L140-30F. This thermostat is normally closed for continuity at room temperature. If the high limit thermostat is open at room temperature, the refrigerator's defrost system will not work.


Hi-limit thermostat & thermistor assembly on heating element housing, L295-80F Thermistor should read around 50 to 60Kohms at room temperature.


High limit thermostat for defrost heater. *Closed for continuity at room temperature.


Refrigerator defrost thermostat. If the evaporatpr coils in the freezer frost over then this themrostat may be defective.


Refrigerator air inlet cover/damper kit with fan motor. Damper and fan assembly have been updated to prevent freezing food in the refrigerator.


High limit thermostat for defrost heater. Infinite resistance at room temperature.


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