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Microwave line fuse 20A 250V


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Microwaves used to be simple. There was no such thing as a "microwave parts list," because there were no parts. It was just a box with a window. If it broke, you threw out the whole thing. Then, someone invented a spinning glass microwave plate to go in the middle. At that point, microwaves had replaceable parts. Still, these plates didn't get broken often enough, so microwave popcorn was invented. It's the perfect snack, easy enough for a kid to make but just messy enough to leak a buttery substance onto the glass plate. Of course, the plates are just a little too heavy for a kid to handle, and impossible not to drop when slicked over with hot butter. Presto! The microwave replacement parts category finally took off, and repairclinic.com came to the rescue with all the microwave parts you need along with videos to help with installation.

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