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Microwave light bulb. The bulb operates on 120 volts and uses 30 watts.

Replacement Panasonic Microwave Light Bulbs

For decades, Panasonic has built some of the world's best electronics and appliances. Microwave ovens today are found in nearly every home and commercial kitchen. Your microwave's lighting system plays a crucial role in the safe and proper operation of the unit. If your Panasonic's interior seems to have gone dark, we are here to help. We carry a large selection of microwave lighting parts, including bulbs, lenses, and sockets. Not sure which part is the right one for your model? Search our website by the OEM part number for the perfect fit. See clearly again inside your microwave with top quality lighting parts from Repair Clinic.

If you need help locating a Panasonic Microwave Lighting & Light Bulb part, call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609.

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