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Microwave/range thermal fuse. If the appliance overheats, the thermal fuse blows to cut off power to the appliance. If the thermal fuse has blown, the appliance will no longer heat.


Quality GE Microwave Fuse, Thermal Fuse & Breaker Parts From Repair Clinic

Microwave ovens are a huge part of our modern lives. Think of all the food and drinks that we put into the microwave every day. Whether we are heating up a cup of coffee or cooking a meal, we love the convenience factor that a microwave brings to daily living. Due to the intense power and heat that a microwave oven generates, its internal fuse and breaker systems are critical to the safe operation of the unit. If your GE microwave thermal fuse or breaker is in need of replacement, you can count on us to have everything you need to get your appliance up and running again. We carry a full line of thermoprotectors, line fuses and fuse holders for GE models. Let us help you quickly get your microwave operating again at top performance with fuse and breaker parts from Repair Clinic.

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