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Knobs for light and speed control


Quality Range Vent Hood Parts From Repair Clinic

It’s a real inconvenience when one of your knobs from your range, falls off and then rolls to the end of the earth, making it difficult to find and fix. So, stop your search for those broken and MIA range vent hood knobs and let RepairClinic help with quality and durable range vent hood knob, dial and button replacement parts. Our selection of knobs and associated parts is vast and affordable! Choose from finishes in black, white or zinc die cast! We also sell an assortment of vent hood dials, selector knobs and buttons. Choose your range vent hood brand for an exact replacement. It’s a given that when a range vent hood knob is cracked or broken and pops off your range, it rolls into obscurity. Save the money for a search party and just let us help!