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Washer or dryer selector switch knob with clip in white.

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Control knob assembly in white. This knob is used on both washing machines and dryers. For models GTDP180ED and GTDX180ED, you will need to use part number WE01X20374 instead.

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Dryer timer knob assembly in white with chrome accent ring and black indicator. The knob has a D shaped shaft and is 2-3/4 inches in diameter.

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Dryer timer knob in white. D shaped opening for timer shaft.

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Knob, used in both washers and dryers. White, includes insert.


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It almost seems like General Electric dryer knobs could have been replaced years ago by buttons. Maybe they wanted drying clothes to be a more physically interactive experience. After the focus groups they decided, "Obviously people prefer turning a GE dryer knob over pushing a button because it makes them feel like they're part of the drying process." End of meeting. No matter how you feel about that corporate decision, you must adapt to its consequences. Your GE replacement dryer knob is sitting right here, in our Canton, Michigan warehouse. Just match your model number to the parts finder on our website, and we’ll ship it out to you today! And if you’re confused about how to install the knob once it arrives, our videos will help walk you through the process step by step.

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