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Dryer timer. The dryer timer will not advance if the dryer is not heating properly.

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Dryer electronic main control board. The control board regulates the dryer's main functions. Control boards are frequently misdiagnosed. Be sure to check more commonly defective parts before replacing the control board.

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Dryer timer. The timer controls all of the functions of the dryer. If the timer is defective, the dryer may not start or may not advance through the drying cycles. Timers are frequently misdiagnosed—be sure to test more commonly defective parts before replacing the timer.

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Dryer timer, 60 Hz. NOTE: Timers are often misdiagnosed. Visit our Repair Help section of the website for additional repair information.

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Dryer timer. The timer regulates the main functions of the dryer. Timers are often incorrectly diagnosed. Before replacing the timer, check more commonly defective parts.


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We already know you’re the DIY type because you came to RepairClinic for your Kenmore Elite dryer control board replacement. But just because you want to do the repair yourself doesn’t mean you actually know how. That’s why we’ve produced hundreds of professional repair and installation videos. Your Kenmore dryer circuit board, also called a dryer control board, is the nerve center of your dryer. If the electronics don’t work, the clothes don’t get dry. Just enter your model number into our parts finder and we’ll show you the best Elite dryer control board for your Kenmore. We have same day shipping and a 365-day return policy! When your dryer circuit board arrives, you can watch a RepairClinic installation video for step-by-step repair instructions. Still have questions? Our team of live chat experts is standing by to answer them seven days a week!

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