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Dishwasher heating element kit. If the dishwasher isn't drying the dishes properly, the heating element may have burned out.

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Dishwasher door latch and handle assembly, black. The front of handle is a 1/2 inch wide. If the dishwasher won't start then the latch assembly could be defective.
*The white handle has been discontinued.

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Dishwasher upper mounting bracket. Screws sold seprately. Please see related items below.

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Dishwasher water inlet valve.
New design no longer includes or requires the mounting bracket. Valve mounts directly on the frame.
If the dishwasher won't fill properly, then the water valve is likely restricted and will need replacement.

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Friction sleeve for door hinge bushing. The sleeve helps keep the door from opening and closing too quickly

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Dishwasher silverware basket. This part has been updated and may different in appearance from the original part.

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Power away-the right way. Affresh® Dishwasher Cleaner is specially formulated to help remove limescale and mineral build-up that can be unsightly and could affect your dishwasher's performance. Pouch contains 6 tablets.

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Dishwasher drain pump. If the dishwasher does not drain then the drain hose could be clogged or the drain pump damaged or defective.


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If you’ve been finding a puddle of water on your kitchen floor after running your Amana dishwasher, you may be using too much detergent. The softer your home’s water supply is the less detergent you need. Excess detergent will result in suds build-up that can cause water to spill out the bottom of the dishwasher door. It’s also possible that a defective water inlet valve, broken wash arm, cracked motor shaft seal, or faulty door gasket is the culprit responsible for a water leak.

Repair Clinic has a solution for any dishwasher problems you may be experiencing as well as the genuine OEM Amana dishwasher parts you’ll need to fix those problems. Explore our extensive repair help library of videos, articles, step-by-step guides, and more to successfully troubleshoot the dishwasher’s malfunction. Once you’ve identified the part that needs to be replaced, you can find that part by entering the full model number of the Amana dishwasher in our website’s search bar, then use the navigation filters to refine the search to locate the exact matching part for your dishwasher model.

Not sure you’ve found the right part? Not a problem. Give our customer service team a call at 1-800-269-2609; they’ll be happy to help. Let Repair Clinic be your repair partner and you’ll be saving time and money on every home appliance, outdoor power equipment, and HVAC system repair.

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