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Lower dishrack roller assembly, gray, (4) required to replace them all. Sold individually

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Dishrack adjuster arm. Fits both left and right side. Allows the upper rack to be raised and lowered to accomadate different size dishes.

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Dishwasher upper rack adjuster kit. This kit includes both left and right side adjusters and all components needed to service the upper rack. The part has changed from plastic to metal. So it will look different than the original part. Instructions available online at Servicematters.com.

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Dishwasher upper mounting bracket. Screws sold seprately. Please see related items below.

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Dishwasher tine pivot clip. Holds the fold down tine to the upper rack.

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Dishwasher silverware basket. This part has been updated and may different in appearance from the original part.

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Dishwasher water inlet valve.
New design no longer includes or requires the mounting bracket. Valve mounts directly on the frame.
If the dishwasher won't fill properly, then the water valve is likely restricted and will need replacement.

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Dishwasher heating element kit. If the dishwasher isn't drying the dishes properly, the heating element may have burned out.

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6% Off MSRP: $54.19

Track Right Hand Side

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11% Off MSRP: $54.19

Dishrack track, left side

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Dishwasher door hinge cable and roller kit. Replaces right and left side.

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Dishwasher drain pump. If the dishwasher does not drain then the drain hose could be clogged or the drain pump damaged or defective.


Quality Whirlpool Dishwasher Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic

When you need parts for your Whirlpool dishwasher, there’s only one place to look: Repair Clinic! We have everything you need to fix or maintain your dishwasher. Do you need a pump, door gasket, or float switch? We’ve got those. Door latch, detergent dispenser, or drain hose? Those too! We’ve even got all the nuts, bolts, and screws you need to put it all together.

Repair Clinic also offers free repair help, from schematics to "how-to" videos, that will make it easy for you to fix the dishwasher yourself. With our help, you’ll be an expert in no time! Just enter the full model number of your dishwasher in our website’s search bar to find the specific replacement part you want. If you need additional help finding the right part, you can always call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609.