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Dishwasher upper rack adjuster kit. This kit includes both left and right side adjusters and all components needed to service the upper rack. The part has changed from plastic to metal. So it will look different than the original part. Instructions available online at Servicematters.com.

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Dishwasher upper mounting bracket. Screws sold seprately. Please see related items below.

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Dishwasher upper dishrack adjuster kit This kit includes both left and right side adjusters and all components needed to service the upper rack rollers. For instructions, please visit ServiceMatters.com.

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Dishwasher heating element kit. If the dishwasher isn't drying the dishes properly, the heating element may have burned out.

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Dishwasher bottom door gasket and deflector strip. If the dishwasher is leaking the gasket may be damaged.

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Dishwasher upper dishrack roller (or wheel assembly). This roller allows the dishrack to move freely in and out of the dishwasher. The dishrack has four of these rollers. Because the dishrack rollers often wear out at the same time, you may want to replace all of the rollers together.

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Dishwasher water inlet valve. <br>New design no longer includes or requires the mounting bracket. Valve mounts directly on the frame. <br>If the dishwasher won't fill properly, then the water valve is likely restricted and will need replacement.

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Dishwasher door gasket (or door seal). This door gasket creates a seal around the dishwasher to prevent water from leaking out. If the gasket is torn, the dishwasher will leak water.


Quality Kenmore Dishwasher Parts From Repair Clinic

Kenmore dishwashers are durable appliances that will work great for many years, even if used on a daily basis. Using electricity and water, your dishwasher kills germs and leaves your pans, dishes, and utensils clean and fresh. Like any appliance, though, even your Kenmore dishwasher will have an issue every once in a while. When this occurs, you can count on Repair Clinic stocking all of the main Kenmore dishwasher parts you'll need to get it back to normal working order. There are various reasons why your dishwasher stops washing properly, and when it does, whether it needs a fastener, panel or dishrack replaced, you can find it with us. Other issues may require a new touchpad or a gasket & seal. Save money and time with a DIY fix of your Kenmore dishwasher with the expertise and the replacement parts you'll need.