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Dishwasher bottom door gasket and deflector strip. If the dishwasher is leaking the gasket may be damaged.

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Dishwasher door gasket (or door seal). This door gasket creates a seal around the dishwasher to prevent water from leaking out. If the gasket is torn, the dishwasher will leak water.

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Dishwasher door gasket. Will measure roughly 71 inches and can stretch up to 75 inches.

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Dishwasher splash shield kit for the tub corners. Its also a good idea to inspect and replace the lower door deflector if needed

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Dishwasher door gasket kit. Includes new strike for door latch. Look for tears, gaps or cuts in the gasket that could cause a dishwasher door leak.

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Dishwasher door seal. If the door is leaking then the door seal may be defective.

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Dishwasher door seal. Creates a seal around the dishwasher door to prevent water from leaking out. If the seal is torn, the dishwasher will leak water.


Quality Dishwasher Gasket & Seal Parts From Repair Clinic

If water has been leaking out from the dishwasher door when the appliance is running, it’s likely the dishwasher door gasket is worn and unable to seal the door properly. Fortunately, this is an exceptionally easy part to replace. Repair Clinic stocks genuine manufacturer door gaskets and seals for all the top dishwasher brands, including Whirlpool, Electrolux, GE, Bosch, Danby, LG, Samsung, and many more. Since it’s important that you find the exact door gasket that matches your model, enter the full model number of your dishwasher into our website search bar, then select "Gasket & Seal” from the part category filter to identify the specific part you need. If you have any questions about which door gasket is right for your appliance, you’re always welcome to contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-269-2609.

Repair Clinic supports do-it-yourselfers of all abilities with its extensive inventory of replacement parts combined with a DIY repair help library. Check out some of our thousands of “how to” videos and articles, along with our model-specific schematics, to see how simple it can be to take on the repair yourself. Whether you’re replacing a door gasket on a dishwasher, a starter rope on a lawn mower, or a contactor in a central air condensing unit, the fix you’re looking for is only a few clicks away.

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