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Upper rack assembly. Includes upper rack, wash arm and rack adjusters.


Gray upper dishrack kit. The rack does not come assembled. This is a replacement rack for some models. If you do not have an adjustable rack you will need to transfer the rollers off the old rack to the new one. The adjustable rollers will not let the manifold align with the rear feed tube.


Upper dishrack. *This is dishrack only, transfer all mounting components from the old rack to the new. Redesigned rack may not include all the features as original.


Upper dishrack. Rack only, transfer adjusters and rollers from original rack to the new dishrack or purchase new.


Upper dishrack kit with rollers and center spray nozzle.
This part may have been redesinged from your original dishrack. The tine locations and depth of the dishrack may be different.


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