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Washing machine drain pump. The pump mounts directly to the motor with two clips. If the washer does not drain then the pump could be locked up or a small object may be clogging it. A small leak in front of the washer could be caused by a defective pump.

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Dishwasher drain pump. If the dishwasher does not drain then the drain hose could be clogged or the drain pump damaged or defective.

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Pump and motor assembly. Includes circulation pump & diverter motor not drain pump

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21% Off MSRP: $25.39

Food chopper assembly inside circulation pump

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Washing machine drain pump assembly. If the washer does not drain the pump may be clogged, damaged, or defective.

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Dishwasher circulation pump motor with wash impeller. Poor washing and noise during operation are indications of a circulation pump problem.

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Dishwasher drain pump assembly

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Dishwasher pump sump with outer housing and diverter motor seals. *Diverter seal not available separately from this sump housing.

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Dishwasher pump & motor assembly. If the dishwasher washes poorly the circulation pump and motor may be defective or the wash impeller damaged.

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Drain pump for belt-less direct-drive washer, 2 large ports, with backflow flapper valve

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Dishwasher circulation motor and pump assembly. The circulation pump uses a motor and impeller to force water up through the wash arms. If the circulation pump is defective, the dishwasher may be noisy and/or may not clean dishes properly.


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