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Washer drive motor coupler. New style with metal sleeves for added strength. This version replaces all previous motor coupler styles and versions. For direct drive washing machines. Common symptom of failed coupler is washer will fill, not agitate or spin but will drain the water from the tub.


Kitchenaid blender rubber clutch drive coupling. *Installed by turning CCW

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Dryer drum drive motor. Includes pulley for dryer drum drive belt. Other shaft has reverse threads for blower wheel. Common symptoms of a bad drive motor are: <br>-Dryer stops turning during cycle <br>-Dryer won't start <br>-Dryer won't turn at all<br>-Dryer drive motor is loud

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Refrigerator evaporator fan motor with incorporated wire harness. If your fan motor does not have an incorporated wire harness, please see related item below. When the evaporator fan motor fails, it often generates a lot of noise in the freezer area.

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Condenser fan motor kit. The part has been updated by the manufacturer and may not look like the orginal.

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Pump diverter motor. Seal for diverter motor shaft only available with the pump sump housing.

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Refrigerator evaporator fan motor. The evaporator fan motor draws air over the evaporator (cooling) coils and circulates the cold air through the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

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Washing machine drive motor, 2 speed. If your drive motor is defective, the washer won't spin, agitate, or drain.

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Motor, freezer (evaporator) fan

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Ice bucket auger drive motor

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Microwave circulating motor, synchronous. 21 volts 3 watts 2.5 to 3 rpm.

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Ice dispensing auger motor


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