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Looking for Samsung parts for your home appliances? Repair Clinic has everything you need. We carry a wide variety of Samsung replacement parts for any model of fridge, washer, dryer or range. From heating elements to water filters, our selection of Samsung repair parts will keep your appliances running at their best. It's never been easier to find high-quality Samsung parts online.

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40 Watt frosted appliance light bulb.


Dryer drum roller assembly. Includes the roller shaft and mounting clips. As the bearing in the roller wears, it self-lubricates so no grease is needed. If the dryer is noisy then one or more of the rollers may be worn. The rollers should be replaced in sets either both front or both rear.


Appliance light bulb, clear 120 Volt 40 Watt Regular Base


Dryer drum drive belt. This slender belt wraps all the way around the dryer drum, around a tension pulley, and then around the drive motor pulley. If the drum will not turn when the dryer is turned on the belt is likely broken.


Idler pulley and bracket for dryer drum belt


Dryer heating element assembly. If the dryer no longer heats then the heating element may have failed, but it is not the most common cause. The most common cause for a dryer to stop heating is a blown thermal fuse.


Thermal fuse with bracket, located on the element housing. The fuse is not resettable and will need to be replaced if blown. If the dryer does not heat, the thermal fuse may be blown.


Oven bake element with push-on terminal ends. It is not unusual for a bake element to short out and arc in one spot. If this occurs, disconnect the power to the stove until the element has been replaced.


25 watt light-bulb for various appliances, 130 volts, small base screw-in. Bulb has been updated and you may need the recommended socket to install this light bulb. Also bulb is no longer blue tint per factory.


Range leveling leg, black plastic. This leg may be shorter than the original but is the factory replacement. Longer leg is not available.


Refrigerator door mullion spring. Keeps the mullion flap against the door when the door is opened and shut.


Water filter reduces 99% of contaminants in drinking water including chlorine, lead, and asbestos . Replace filter every 6 months or 300 gallons for optimal performance.


Affresh® Cooktop Cleaner Kit. Specially formulated to cut through tough, cooked-on residues that can linger on your cooktop. Non-abrasive cleaner is safe for all glass and ceramic cooktops. Contains Cooktop Cleaner, Razor Blade Scraper and 5 Scrub Pads.


Genuine Samsung Replacement Parts

As a homeowner, you rely on your Samsung appliances to make your life easier and more convenient. When something goes wrong and your appliance stops working, Repair Clinic gets your Samsung appliances working like new with genuine replacement parts. Our repair help guides and videos make it easy to diagnose your problem and find the parts you need to repair it.

Our inventory is filled with a massive selection of genuine Samsung replacement parts to fix or maintain your Samsung home appliance. Whether you need a Samsung microwave door switch, a new Samsung dryer drum belt or even a replacement Samsung light bulb for your oven, Repair Clinic carries the Samsung repair parts that match your model.

Make DIY Repairs Easy With Samsung Troubleshooting Guides

Don't let the idea of DIY repair intimidate you. Repair Clinic is here to give you the peace of mind that you can get the job done right. We're committed to providing customers with all the resources and information they'll need to make informed repairs with the right Samsung repair parts. We even offer tons of free videos and troubleshooting guides to help you repair your Samsung appliance with confidence.

With thousands of Samsung replacement parts in our inventory, you'll find everything you need to tackle your unique problem. All our Samsung parts are OEM, meaning they are genuine and made by the original manufacturer. We partner with Samsung directly to ensure our customers get the most benefits from any Samsung repair parts they buy from our site. Using genuine OEM Samsung parts ensures your appliances operate as efficiently as possible. With better compatibility and quality compared to generic, non-Samsung parts, Repair Clinic ensures your appliances always perform their best.

It's Never Been Easier to Find Samsung Parts Online

Thanks to Repair Clinic, finding OEM Samsung parts online is easier than ever. Just enter the full model number of your broken Samsung appliance in our website's search bar for a complete list of compatible parts. Then use the navigation filters on the left to narrow your search down to just the Samsung parts you're looking for.

The best part? Repair Clinic carries Samsung OEM parts for all types of models. We've got everything from the latest state-of-the-art appliances to old-school models. Still can't find the right part? We can help. Call our 24/7 customer service team at 1-800-269-2609; they'll be happy to assist you with your purchase.

We Give You the Resources to Install Your Samsung Parts the Right Way

Not only will Repair Clinic ship your Samsung parts quickly, but we also give you the support you need to install them correctly. Our extensive repair help library is packed with thousands of articles, diagrams and appliance schematics to guide you through the process from start to finish. Even better, we also produce a wide range of "how-to" videos to walk you through how to troubleshoot, install and test your Samsung replacement parts to ensure maximum performance.

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With thousands of high-quality Samsung replacement parts for all appliance models and tons of helpful resources, you can confidently tackle any DIY repair job. Don't settle for expensive repair services or subpar parts. Choose Repair Clinic to find the best Samsung parts online today. If you need help finding the right Samsung repair parts, you can contact us anytime. Our 24/7 customer service team is always happy to help.

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