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Refrigerator light switch. This switch activates the refrigerator light when the door is open. It also prevents the dispenser from working if the door is open.


Left or right window curtain (must order two for the pair)

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Refrigerator compressor start relay. If the refrigerator does not cool at all, the compressor may not be running. If it’s not running then the start relay may be defective.


Quality Haier Parts From Repair Clinic

t’s always good to have a clean Haier air conditioning filter, and if you’d like to purchase one or 25, one of our repairclinic.com employees will be happy to climb to the top of our indoor mountain of Haier parts and send you what you need now along with some Haier spares for later. Did you know that Haier is a large international company providing a wide assortment of high-quality home appliances in North America and that it owns General Electric? We didn’t either, but it is and does. So, we’re happy to supply you with all the Haier spare parts you need as well as the videos to get your appliances up and running.