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Range vent hood light bulb, 40 watts.


Anodized aluminum grease filter. This filter is used in all Arietta range hoods. It features an easy clip design for removal for cleaning, installation, and maintenance. The filter effectively collects and removes grease and moisture from the air. The filter is also dishwasher safe.


Charcoal filter pad with retaining clips and installation instructions.


Motor capacitor, 12.5 MFD. 330 volts


Power electronic board. NOTE: This part is often misdiagnosed and may require some electrical testing with a voltage meter to determine if it is defective.


Vent damper assembly with hinge bar, clips and installation instructions.


Hardware kit, includes screws and fasteners, bracket, template, and instructions.


Quality Arietta Replacement Parts From Repair Clinic

The replacement parts you need for your Arietta range vent hood are here at RepairClinic. So, assemble your tool belt and overalls if you have them, and let us be the "repair assistant” you deserve. Looking for the Arietta grease filter? We’ve got it. How about the Arietta fan motor or light bulb? We’ve got those too. In fact, you’re going to find no only replacement parts that are genuine OEM parts, but solutions to common range vent hood issues, instructional videos that give you details on how to install your desired part flawlessly and more. And we trust that you look stellar and wonderful in your tool belt and overalls get up. So, no need to send a pic.