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Oven temperature sensor *May require cutting and splicing wire connector

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Temperature sensing thermistor with short harness

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Oven temperature sensor. This part may be different than your original. Instructions are included to help with the repair. See below for a brief set of instructions

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Flame sensor for gas dryer

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Dryer thermistor. This thermistor should read approximately 50,000 (50K) Ohms of resistance at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. *Note that it is not in the heating circuit so it likely will not be the cause of a dryer heating problem. It can however effect cycle times or cause a fault if defective.

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Thermistor assembly with long harness. Includes both the freezer and refrigerator thermistors

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Oven sensor *Connector could be different than original. If so cut & splice wires together with porcelain wire nuts.


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