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Replacement ice maker. Comes with new bail arm, fill cup and harness

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Ice maker kit that includes two wire harnesses. The ice maker itself will have part number WPW10300024 on it when you receive it. That is the correct ice maker that comes inside this kit.

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Refrigerator icemaker assembly, modular style. The new icemaker does not include a new cover, ice level arm, or wire harness, these components will need to be reused from original icemaker.

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Refrigerator icemaker. This item does not include a new shut off arm. To remove the existing shut off arm from the old icemaker, lift it to the up position, unhook it from the fill cup bearing, and pull it out of the module.

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Refrigerator Icemaker assembly. This icemaker fits models that have the icebucket in the door. The bottom mounting bracket on the old icemaker must be reused.

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Refrigerator replacement icemaker. Does not include front cover or shut-off arm, use these parts from old icemaker. Makes 8 radius ice cubes. If the mold where cubes are made is flaking or corroded it is time for a new ice maker assembly. *Use model number to find correct icemaker.

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Refrigerator add-on icemaker kit with 4 wire harness and connector for freezer. This kit includes the icemaker, ice bin, inlet valve, fill tube, and hardware. *For 4 wire 8 terminal IM see Recommended Parts.

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Add-on icemaker kit. Icemaker has 4 wire 8 terminal plug for freezer connection.

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In-Door Ice system ice maker assembly

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Replacement ice maker. The new icemaker does not include a new ice level arm, or wire harness, these components will need to be reused from original icemaker.


Quality Whirlpool Ice Maker Parts From Repair Clinic

Your Whirlpool ice maker assembly only has a few moving parts, but if those parts aren’t moving, neither is your ice. RepairClinic has a large selection of Whirlpool ice maker replacement parts and we can show you how to do the repair all by yourself! First, use our troubleshooting tool to diagnose your problem. Next, enter your model number and we’ll show you all the Whirlpool ice maker parts that fit. We have same day shipping and a 365-day return policy! Once your order arrives, you can watch a RepairClinic installation video to see how to replace your Whirlpool ice maker auger or whatever part you’re fixing so that you’ll have that ice maker bucket full again in no time! Still have questions? Our team of live chat experts are standing by to answer them seven days a week!