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Radiant surface element, 6-inch 1200 Watts

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Dual surface element, 9 inches/ 6 inches. 1200/2500 watt

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Stove top dual surface element. 1200/2500 watts. If the element does not heat either it or the control switch is defective. The coil can be tested to determine if it is at fault.

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Radiant surface element, 9-inch 2500 Watt

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Dual radiant surface element, 9 inches/6 inches, 3000 watts

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Dual haliant/radiant surface element, 12 inch. If the surface element is not heating, use a multi-meter to test the element for continuity. If the element has continuity, the surface element switch is likely defective.

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Surface element with limiter, 6 inch, 1200 watts


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