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Trash compactor

Maintenance tips for your
trash compactor

A trash compactor is a home appliance that conveniently compresses garbage and recyclables to reduce the amount of space they use in a home. It also reduces the frequency of garbage removal by homeowners.

How does a trash compactor work?

  • How It Works: Trash Compactor

    How It Works: Trash Compactor

How to care for your trash compactor

1. Clean it


Monthly, clean out your trash compactor. Use a bacteria-fighting cleaner and/or degreaser to clean the ram (the platform that presses down on the garbage) and any other part of the compactor that comes into contact with the garbage.

2. Replace the filter

Replace the filter

If equipped, replace the charcoal air filter once or twice per year. Follow the owner's manual for specific instructions.

3. Deodorize


Because you put food waste into it, bacteria can grow inside of your trash compactor. For temporary odor control between cleanings, spray the interior with a germ-killing deodorant/disinfectant.

Trash compactor frequently asked questions

The trash compactor compresses trash to a much smaller size so that two to three times as much trash will fit inside of a bag. This saves trash storage space, removal time and disposal labor.

You can put into your compactor any garbage that you would normally put into your kitchen wastebasket.

It's best to recycle glass. If your community has a recycling program, collect glass containers and periodically deliver them.

Some models cannot compress glass. Refer to your owner's manual for details. If you are able to put glass bottles and jars into your compactor, take care to make sure that they're not near the bottom of the bag or near the sides. Broken glass could tear the trash bag or injure the person who changes the bag.

You should empty your trash compactor when the bag is full. This is usually a third to half as often as you would without use of a trash compactor.

There is only noise when they compact the trash, which usually lasts only one minute.