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Water Filter

Maintenance tips for your
water filter

A water filter has the important job of removing impurities from water. Water filters are used with nearly all appliances that connect to a home's water supply line.

How to care for your water filter

Cartridge-type filters:

1. Replace the cartridge one to two times a year

Water filter cartridge

Follow your appliance's owner's manual for specific instructions about replacement frequency.

2. Thoroughly clean the canister that houses the cartridge twice per year

Water filter canister

3. Lubricate the canister's o-ring with food-grade silicone grease or a comparable lubricant annually

Filter canister o-ring

Self-contained filters:

1. Dispose of your self-contained water filter (a filter without a removable cartridge) when it reaches the end of its useful life

Self-contained water filter

This type of filter generally needs replacement after six months.

Water filter frequently asked questions

The only sure way to test how well a water filter works is to test the water that comes from it. Inexpensive household water test kits are available for purchase at hardware stores and home improvement centers. Your local water utility may also have resources.

Before making a decision on the type of water filter is best for your appliance and your home's needs, purchase a home water test kit to determine what impurities are present. Then, you can find a filter that will remove those impurities specifically. For taste, odor and particle impurities, a basic activated-charcoal filter is sufficient. For certain water-borne parasites, heavy metals such as lead and other contaminants, you may need a reverse-osmosis filtration system.

The level of filtration varies by filter. Charcoal filters do not remove fluoride but may not sufficiently remove undesirable contaminants. Reverse-osmosis filters remove nearly all impurities, including fluoride.

By law, municipal/city water must meet strict guidelines to be considered safe (potable). Contact your local municipality to learn about these guidelines. Many people choose to use a water filter with their home water supply for taste and odor-improvement purposes.

Yes. Activated-charcoal and reverse-osmosis filters remove chlorine from water.