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Important snowblower safety tips

Snowblowers are more powerful and dangerous than most people realize. Here are important snowblower safety tips we share with friends and family.

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1. Wear protective eyewear & keep your kids and pets safe inside

Ice can be projected at high speeds and cause serious eye injury. Always wear a pair of safety eye glasses. Children and pets should remain indoors when a snowblower is in operation because the cloud of snow created by the snowblower or snowthrower while in operation hinders visibility.

2. Prevent a snow or ice jam

While some clogging may be inevitable, we use a snowblower no-stick spray on areas that come into contact with snow.

Ariens no-stick snowblower spray

3. Be careful when clearing a snow or ice jam

People suffer serious hand and arm injuries when they attempt to clear snowblower jams with their hands. Snowblower augers will continue to spin for a while after the bale arm located at the handle has been released. Therefore, one should never place a hand or arm inside of a chute. Thick gloves will not prevent injury. Instead, a small shovel or the end of a broom should be used to clear snow and ice jams in the auger housing or chute after the motor has been shut off.

Additional snowblower maintenance tips can be found here.

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We wish you and family safety and warmth as this winter’s most powerful storm nears the eastern half of the United States and Canada.

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