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Tips to Find Your Model Number

Tips to Find Your Model Number

You know it’s broken and that you’ll need to find a replacement part – but how to begin the search? With the model number, of course! Whether you’re looking to repair an appliance, lawn equipment or something heating/cooling related, it all starts with a model number. The problem is, however, that the model numbers can be hard to find! Here are a few tips to help track it down:

  • Find Your Manual
    If you’re one of those über-organized people that saves everything and files it away neatly, you’re in luck! The model number is always prominently displayed on the front of your owner’s manual. Keep in mind that manuals usually only have partial model numbers, so we recommend finding the exact model number on your appliance.
  •  Appliance Placement
    On appliances, you’ll want to look on the sides, on the door or inside the appliance itself. Most manufacturers try to make it fairly easy to find the model number.
  • Mowers and Blowers
    For most non-handheld yard equipment like lawn mowers and snowblowers, there are two separate model numbers – one of the engine and one for the actual equipment.
    • Engine Model Number – This will either be stamped or engraved on the engine itself. Or you might be able to find it near the muffler, air filter or spark plug.
    • Non-Engine Model Number – Look for a printed tag or ID tag on the frame, under the seat or foot plate or by the wheels.
  • Other Yard Equipment
    If you need to repair other yard equipment like a leaf blower or chainsaw, there’s only one model number and you should be able to find it on the handle, near the motor casing or on the casing itself.
  • Deciphering the Tag
    Congrats! You’ve found the tag or label with the model number! But wait, there are tons of numbers on this label! If you look closely (may need to get your reading glasses!), you’ll find a small label under a group of numbers that says “model number.” Don’t confuse this with the item’s serial number, that number won’t help you find your part at all!
  • Take a Picture
    Since you probably won’t want to have to go on a similar model number quest in the future, we suggest grabbing your phone and taking a quick picture of the label/tag. That way, if something else should break, you’ll be one step ahead!

Once you have your model number, just type it in the search box to find the part you need. If you need some extra help finding your model number, we give you some specific places to look on each appliance or piece of equipment here.

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