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Furnace Safety Tips

Furnace Safety Tips

We all love our furnaces during the cold winter months, but there are some precautions you should take to operate your furnace safely and avoid any issues in the future.

  • Change the Air Filter
    Not only does a clean air filter help your furnace run more efficiently, changing the filter every one to three months during the winter will help prevent furnace failure. Click here to see what air filter is best for your furnace.
  • Keep the Area Clear
    Whether your furnace lives in the basement, garage or closet, chances are the space has also become a bit of a dumping ground for boxes, bins, holiday decorations, etc. To minimize the risk of a fire, we recommend finding a new home for your stuff. Especially if that stuff is flammable!
  • Annual Checkup
    You and your family aren’t the only ones that need a professional annual checkup – so does your furnace. This will ensure your furnace is working correctly and efficiently. They’ll inspect your furnace for issues like carbon monoxide leaks and frayed wiring that could lead to bigger problems. In the meantime, here are some useful furnace maintenance tips you can do.
  • Test Your Detectors
    You have a carbon monoxide detector or two in your home, right? It’s especially important to have one near your furnace, where leaks can occur. Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, you need the detector to stay safe. Every six months you’ll want to check both your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.
  • Don’t Operate without Front Panel
    If you have to remove the front panel of your furnace for any reason, be sure to turn your furnace off first. This stops the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Even though most newer furnaces have a safety switch to stop this from happening, it never hurts to be cautious!
  • Think 80%
    While it’s tempting to regulate the airflow in your home by closing registers, you’ll want to make sure you keep at least 80% of them open. This could cause unnecessary heat build-up in the furnace and potential damage.
  • Be Aware
    Be tuned in to your furnace all season long, listening for any unusual sounds or noticing any strange smells. Repair Clinic has a Furnace Repair Help page and furnace repair help videos so you can troubleshoot if you think there’s a problem with your furnace.

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