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Amazing Kitchen Tips

Amazing Kitchen Tips

Looking for a few easy ways to spend less time in the kitchen? Here are a few handy tips to add to your list of things to try at home, make your kitchen time less hectic, more organized and add some flavor to your home.

  • Slice Cherry Tomatoes All At One Time

Grab two plastic butter lids the same size, place a bunch of cherry tomatoes on one of the lids, with the inside of the butter lid facing up. Put the other lid on top, with the inner part of the butter lid facing down. Hold the lid down, grab a knife, and cut through them all at once. Pull off the top lid and all your tomatoes will be sliced nice and neat.

  • Orange You Glad You Didn’t Have A Candle

With the stem part of the orange on the top and bottom slice the orange diagonally in half. Remove the flesh of the orange from the inside, leaving the bottom part of the stem that sticks out, this will be the wick. Pour a little olive oil into the orange bottom half use a lighter and light the wick. Take the other top half of the orange remove the flesh and then use it to cover the bottom half. Cut a hole in the top so that the flame is not covered or cut a design in the top of orange to give it some flair.

  • Trick Out Your Pancakes

Use cookie cutters to make whimsical pancake patterns. Place the cookie cutters in your frying pan or on your griddle and pour the batter inside the outlines. Watch the pancakes rise into any shape and make the perfect breakfast or holiday treat. Use this for more than just pancakes, try it with your sunny-side up eggs.

  • Keep Your Guacamole Fresh

Guacamole changes color and flavor when exposed to oxygen. Add a thin layer of water to the top before placing it in the fridge to prevent it from reacting to the oxygen, pour the water out of the container when you are ready to eat, the guacamole will stay delicious and fresh.

  • Soften Butter Quicker

Turn your rock hard butter into a soft spreadable tasty treat in just minutes. Warm up a small glass by running warm water over it or put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Place the glass upside down over the top of the butter and the butter will quickly soften and easily cut and spread.


  • Orange Peeled

Use a knife to slice off a thin bit from both the top and bottom of the orange where the stem is. Next, cut a line, opposite of the stem, through the middle on one side, halfway through but not all the way. Now pull both ends away from each out and stretch out that orange, grab each slice off the strip, and enjoy.

  • Eliminate Eggshells

No more eggshells pieces left in your egg whites. Get your fingers wet and the cracked eggshell piece that dropped into the bowl will adhere right to your fingers for easy removal.

  • Faster Peeled Garlic

Place your garlic cloves in two bowls that are the same size and shake. Shake hard enough and in one minute or less take a look inside and the skins will be separated from the cloves.

  • Moist Cookies

If you are not planning on eating your cookies all in the same day, store them in a container with an apple wedge. The cookies will draw moisture from the apple and keep longer, replace the apple wedge if needed for even longer storage. 

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